Executive Committee -2012-13

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President | Aspen D'Costa

This is my second year as a PhD student in Workforce Education & Development at SIUC. I received my training as an engineer at SIUC. Am   also originally from Bombay, India. On the lighter side, enjoy music, traveling, trying different cuisines and sports. I look forward to serving you through leading the ISC.




Advisor | Carla Coppi

Carla has been the longest serving advisor to the International Student Council, she is practically a "Mom" to most of the International students for the campus as she is always concerned on the well being of the students. Carla has always played more than an advisory role in the ISC, she has numerous times gone out on a limb to ensure the organization stays true to its mission and values. Carla also has insprised and advise many fo the ISC leaders who are now successful in their life. Carla is currently the Interim Director of the International Students and Scholars in SIUC.




Vice President, Internal Affairs | Solomon Hailu

Currently serving as Vice President of Internal Affairs for international Students Council (ISC). He was born and raised in Ethiopia and later moved to his home country Eritrea, East Africa, after it got independence in 1993. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of Asmara, Eritrea. He has been studying in SIUC since 2007. He has earned his Master’s Degree from Department of Zoology specializing in Population Genetics. He is currently a Ph.D student studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the School of Medicine in SIUC. Solomon is also known as the salsa king as he teaches and dances Salsa and other Latin dances. Solomon has been actively participating and promoting activities of different RSO’s like the African Student Council, Latin American Student Association, and Salsa Group. Solomon is a resource for ISC as he is talented in organizing and bringing communities together and is devoted to accelerate the level of ISC into a higher, efficient and transparent level. He is a click away to any RSO’s and students interested in constructive interaction with ISC endeavors. Solomon aims to increase the number of RSO’s under ISC, to strengthen individual RSO’s and their reach to campus communities, to facilitate the interaction between RSO’s and finally to increase visibility of ISC on campus and the community. His aspiration and charisma comes from his home town Asmara, known as the little Rome. As such, his hobbies range from Soccer (still calls it foot ball), running, music, dancing, chess, architecture, all the way to science.


Vice President, Finance | Margarita Osadcha

Margarita hails from Kyiv, Ukraine. She currently serves as the Vice President of Finance for the International Student Council. Margarita has a lot of experience in accounting and looks forward to be of help to the International Student Council.






Chief of Staff | Mira Spaniol

The current Chief of Staff for the International Student Council. Mira hails from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. She originally was born in Carbondale, but spent most of her life growing up in Malaysia. Returning to Carbondale in 2009, Mira is currently a pursuing her bachelor’s from the College of Business in Management. Mira is well known for being active in many types of sports particularly, Taekwondo. With plenty of experience assisting in many different RSO events, she looks forward to meeting new people and helping them become a part of the International Student Council.


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